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We cherish and respect our clients

Below are some of the brands we are working with.


Why work with us?

C&C PRO Construction Ltd. for any construction job


Don't leave your house in the hands of amateurs. Hire a professional construction company that can successfully complete your project.

Highly-Trained Staff

All our workers are fully qualified and trained, offering professional services at every stage of the construction process.

Reasonable Pricing

Everything is planned on the budget. We offer full transparency and affordable prices for all the work that we cover.

Customer Focused

The measure of excellent service is customer satisfaction. All our clients can tell you that we are a serious and trusted partner.

Quick & Efficient

We always take care to keep the project in time. Nobody wants a construction site in their house or business for long time.

Free Estimation

You can get a free estimate for your project. No call-out charges. Give us a call at 020 8168 1050 or emails us at contact@pro-construction.co.uk.


100% Approved by Customers

We always appreciate the feedback from our clients. It help us become a better construction company.

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