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Commercial to Residential Conversion Services in London

Commercial to Residential Conversion Services in London

Converting a commercial property for residential usage is becoming increasingly common, and the number of these conversions increased by 40% within the UK. Although this market continues to show potential, it’s still essential you learn how to successfully convert a commercial property whilst mitigating any potential risks.

Conversion of offices into residential space

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is still great demand for housing in London and the UK. An increasingly common solution is to get a Change of Use from Office (B1) to Residential (C3) to make the most of a subdued market for office and retail space and turn it into housing, and this phenomenon is happening up and down the country.

Can I covert offices to residential units without Planning Permission?
Covert Offices to Residential Units

Yes, you can! And you may not need to apply for planning permission for Change of Use from B1 to C3.

Permitted Development Rights (PDR) is a government scheme that allows certain types of change of use to be carried out without applying for planning permission, one of them being from B1 to C3, making the planning process simpler and more straightforward.

However, there are certain aspects that still have to be taken into considerations and not every office or retail space can be converted into housing.

Advantages of Converting Commercial to Residential

In spite of the complexity of financing for commercial properties, investors are still gearing towards its direction. Here’s why:

Many commercial properties remain empty from the retail market shifting to being online orientated. This has continually forced property owners to ask for less to seal and secure property deals.

A commercial property’s location is strategized to have good access to amenities such as transportation links, hubs and workplaces. This attribute is very attractive to the growing tenant demand.

Repossessing a commercial property with a historic trademark will do you wonders. Not only will it bring life back to the place, but can also boost the morale of the citizens who were attached to it.

You may turn unloved commercial properties into Houses of Multiple Occupation or HMOs. This investment trend is gracefully taking the spotlight due to higher yields than a single let.

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