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Loft conversions in London

With C&C PRO Construction a loft conversion is easily attainable in most modern family homes that require the extra space, bedrooms, bathroom, office or living areas. Every project is unique and we design your space based on your requirements, our bespoke build process means you can create the new rooms in the home you want with our unique loft conversion plans.

Types of Loft Conversions

Our team understands that there is no two loft conversions in London that are truly the same; not only because of the diverse selection of property available across the city but also because of the wonderful variety of people, tastes and of lifestyles.

Dormer Loft Conversion

This loft extension generally requires no dramatic changes, and allows for the installation of conventional windows.

Mansard loft conversion

A mansard loft conversion is constructed by raising the party wall (the wall shared with your neighbours).

Hip to gable loft conversion

Ideal for detached homes, a hip to gable loft conversion straightens an inwardly slanted end roof to create a vertical wall.

Loft Conversions — Loft Extensions

Here at C&C PRO Construction, we are carrying out many design and build London loft conversions and turning them into beautiful spaces. Some Londoners require more space for a growing family, but are unable afford to move house. Others are looking for that one space in the house to truly call their own. Whatever you’re looking for in your London loft conversion, look no further than C&C PRO Construction.

Loft Extensions
  • Use every inch of space
  • Use transparent materials
  • Make the most of original features
  • Showcase the stairs
  • Frame a view
  • Think outside the box
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